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Learning People, in partnership with Heart of South West LEP, are offering 175 professionals the tools needed to find career success in software development and data science. This is a fully-funded opportunity to acquire new digital skills that are highly sought after by employers in the industry.

Learning pathways are curated by industry experts to ensure you learn the most relevant and up to date skills, meaning you enter the job market as a stand out candidate.

Training will commence from January 2021, in an online bootcamp format. To be able to join the programme you must live in the Heart of the South West area; Devon, Plymouth, Torbay or Somerset.

  • Free training to the value of £3,000
  • Global opportunities
  • Job security
  • Generous salaries
  • Closing the tech skills gap
Your employees will watch, read, listen and practice with Percipio

What's included?

Premium course content will be available to WATCH, READ, LISTEN and PRACTICE on a state of the art, intelligent learning platform.

Courses will include webinars from experienced professionals in the sector, giving students valuable insights, mentorship and advice to support learning and career development.

All training is delivered online over a 12 week period, commencing 4 January 2021, in a bootcamp format. All students who successfully complete their bootcamp will be given a further nine months access to training and the opportunity for an interview at one of three exclusive job fairs.

Access online training to the value of £3,000 - for FREE

How it works

We’re looking for professionals seeking a career change or looking to improve their digital skills. Once you’ve applied using the form below you will receive a dedicated survey to explore your previous experience. The survey must be completed for your application to be considered.

Alongside the free training, you will gain access to 2 in-person or online interactive job fairs. This is an opportunity for you to present your key takeaways of your bootcamp and network with industry employers.

The learner pathways

Enterprise Developer to Full Stack Developer pathway

Course length: 90 hours

Build secure, high performing software, systems and services in a progressive and hands on learning path that builds expertise in Full Stack Development.


  • Basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS
  • Knowledge of Javascript
  • Knowledge of front-end frameworks (Angular, React)
  • Foundational knowledge of software development

Modules information:

  • Enterprise Developer:
    Software Testing, Secure Developer Programming, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, Programming Languages: Front-end and Back End Primer
  • Front-End Developer:
    Features of HTML5 & CSS3 , Advanced CSS Browser, Using JavaScript Functions, Writing Code with jQuery Frameworks, UI Development with ReactJS
  • Middle/Back-End Developer:
    Knowledge of front-end frameworks (Angular, React)
  • Full Stack Developer:
    MEAN Stack Development, MERN: Advanced MERN Development SQL in FSD Development NoSQL
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Senior Developer pathway

Course length: 110 hours

Grow programming skills by exploring Javascript and also learning about Git, Github and mobile app development as you aim to become a Senior Developer.


  • Familiar with programming
  • Familiar with Web applications
  • Familiar with databases

Modules information:

  • Web programmer:
    Working with Primitive Data Types, Java Programming
  • Web App Developer:
    Understanding Inheritance & Polymorphism in Java, The Role of Constructors in Inheritance, Multi-level Inheritance, Git & GitHub
  • Novice Programmer:
    Working with Lists in Java, List Algorithms & Implementations, Working with Sets In Java, Working with Maps in Java, Using the Java Stream API with Collections, Using Generic Type Parameters, Data Structures & Algorithms in Java
  • Apprentice Programmer:
    Building a Basic Android App, Defining the UI for an Android, Coding the Behaviour of an Android App, Authentication in an Android App, Testing an Android App
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Novice Developer to Pythonista pathway

Course length: 106 hours

This is the perfect stepping stone to becoming a Python Developer or Data Scientist. Become a coding professional who can understand the power and application of Python in a range of environments.


  • Experience with programming languages
  • Foundational knowledge of software development

Modules information:

  • Novice:
    Getting Started with Python, Working with Complex Data Types in Python, Statements and loops, First Class Functions and lambdas
  • Apprentice:
    Advanced topics in Python Classes and Inheritances, Data Structures Algorithms in Python, Unit testing, PyTest
  • Journeyman:
    Building web Apps using Flask in Python Design pattern in Python Multithreading and Concurrency in Python Working with HTTP Requests in Python
  • Pythonista:
    Developing and Debugging using the PyCharm IDE Hashing and Decryption Algorithms in Python, Network Programming In Sockets and Python Unit testing in Python using unit test and PyUnit, Wrangling Excel date in Python
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Data Analyst to Data Scientist pathway

Course length: 110 hours

This training will first provide a foundation of data architecture, statistics, and data analysis programming skills using Python and R. You will learn to wrangle and integrate data with Spark and Hadoop. Explore how to operationalise the scale data and visualise it into informed business decisions.


  • Familiarity with Python and R programming
  • Comfortable working with data with applications such as Excel
  • Basic math and statistics skills
  • Familiarity with cloud systems, such as Azure and AWS

Modules information:

  • Data Analyst:
    Python for Data Science R for Data Science Statistics for Data Science #1 Hadoop: Getting Started Spark: Up & Running HDFS: Up & Running Data silos, Lakes and Streams
  • Data Wrangler:
    Data Wrangling with Python/Pandas MongoDB for Data Wrangling Cleaning Data in R, Data Lakes in Practice, Building Data Pipelines, Accessing Data with Spark, Getting Started with Hive
  • Data Ops:
    Streaming Data Architectures, Scaling Data Architectures, Enterprise Governance Strategies, Secure Data Sources from the Edge, Data Rollbacks, Governance Policies and Access
  • Data Science:
    Raw Data to Insights, Data Pipeline to Tableau, Creating RT Dashboards, Powering Recommend Engines, Advanced Architectures, ML & DL Algorithms, Storytelling with Data
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Why choose Learning People?

Whether you are changing careers or looking to advance your existing skills and gain recognition in the workplace, we offer tech and project management courses and certifications for all skill levels. On top of that, when you train with Learning People, you are also equipped with the knowledge needed to tackle the complex jobs market and boost your employability upon completion.

Accredited learning providers

Accredited learning providers

We have been accredited by the Learning Performance Institute since 2012. This accreditation demonstrates that we adhere to best practice in the provision of learning services and is a globally-recognised quality mark.

Award winning

Award winning StudentCareTM team

Following your enrolment, you will be welcomed by our award winning StudentCareTM team. They will offer personal guidance and support to help you develop and get the most from your training content.

Intelligent reporting

Career Services

During your studies, our Career Services team will equip you with the knowledge needed to tackle the complex jobs market and boost your employability. By the time you’ve completed your course, you will have the tools and confidence to dive into a role that suits you.

Learning People Alumni

Learning People Alumni

After you've completed 50 hours of online training you'll be invited to join our global alumni community for tech and project management professionals. You'll be first to access exclusive content and benefit from other exclusive rewards, whilst growing your professional network.

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