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Transition into Tech | Up to 25% off tutition fess and immediate Career Services support - terms and contions apply

Transition into Tech

Access the support you need to secure your future

Receive up to 25% off tuition fees across a selection of online courses*, and immediate access to Career Services support.

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Transition into tech or project management with online training

With a mission to demystify the tech industry, Learning People are on hand to offer expert career advice to those looking to change careers. Whether you have been made redundant, furloughed or facing career uncertainty we will provide you with a complimentary career consultation.

This informal chat will help you to understand:

  • Where the job opportunities currently are
  • The skills and training you need, based on your experience
  • The support we offer to help you change careers

Once you’ve got your detailed career plan, you’ll be ready to start your online training. With Transition into Tech you will receive up to 25% off your tuition fees* and immediate access to our careers support services, to help you navigate the job market.

*Terms and conditions apply

From retail to tech professional

Learning People student Jake began his online training after working in retail for 10 years. Despite the pandemic, he has already landed his first role on his new career pathway in a thriving industry.

Which tech career pathway is for you?

You’ll already have some highly valuable transferable skills, no matter your current experience. Be careful not to sell yourself short, with the right technical training you’ll be exactly what tech employers are looking for.

Learning People

Project management

Apply your leadership and communication skills to a career in project management. You’ll see crucial business projects reach success by applying dependable methodologies. It’s a career filled with fresh challenges that reap massive rewards.

Learning People


Perhaps the most versatile career pathway, IT can see you enter a wide range of competencies. Discover how to maintain an organisation's online network or learn how to hack ethically in cyber security. No 2 days will be the same in an IT career.

Learning People

Coding and web development

Learning to code is a great way to take advantage of the recent accelerated digital transformation. You’ll be fully equipped to manage the front-end or back-end of a website or application. A career in software development brings freedom, creativity and high salaries.

Your personal career consultation

You can find out more about each of these career pathways during your career consultation, plus - after you register your details we'll also email you a digital guide to careers in tech!

Why is now the ideal time to transition into tech?

Many traditional industries are struggling to adapt to the changes brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic. Those hit the hardest include the retail, hospitality and travel industries. In fact, research by Reed has shown that 2/3 workers have retrained to find a new job during pandemic.

Data continues to prove that tech has remained one of the most resilient industries to the impact of the virus, creating job opportunities at every experience level. This means by expanding your skill set towards a tech career pathway you're immediately on the right track to find job security in the current climate.

Learning People

Why choose Learning People?

Whether you are changing careers or looking to advance your existing skills and gain recognition in the workplace, we offer tech and project management courses and certifications for all skill levels. On top of that, when you train with Learning People, you are also equipped with the knowledge needed to tackle the complex jobs market and boost your employability upon completion.

Accredited learning providers

Accredited learning providers

We have been accredited by the Learning Performance Institute since 2012. This accreditation demonstrates that we adhere to best practice in the provision of learning services and is a globally-recognised quality mark.

Award winning

Award winning StudentCareTM team

Following your enrolment, you will be welcomed by our award winning StudentCareTM team. They will offer personal guidance and support to help you develop and get the most from your training content.

Intelligent reporting

Career Services

During your studies, our Career Services team will equip you with the knowledge needed to tackle the complex jobs market and boost your employability. By the time you’ve completed your course, you will have the tools and confidence to dive into a role that suits you.

Learning People Alumni

Learning People Alumni

After you've completed 50 hours of online training you'll be invited to join our global alumni community for tech and project management professionals. You'll be first to access exclusive content and benefit from other exclusive rewards, whilst growing your professional network.